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Construction Insurance

In order to insure contractors properly and cost-effectively, a broker must possess an intimate understanding of construction risk and insurance that can only be developed by being immersed daily in the world of construction over a sustained period of time. This is not possible for a generalist insurance broker to achieve for the simple reason that a jack of all trades cannot be a master of any one.

It is our industry leading knowledge, combined with our entrepreneurial and customer centric focus, that provides a high-value proposition to our valued clients.

Reasons our clients choose PWA as their insurance advisor



Since Petrela Winter insures over 250 contractors of every discipline and size, we utilize this significant database to ensure our client is availed the most competitive rates at all times – not only at renewal, but on every project specific insurance requirement that arises.


Due to our history as surety bond consultants, where a contractor’s relationship with their surety is longer term and less commoditized, our approach is much more constructive than other brokers. Our clients have longer connections with their insurers, and as a result, their premiums less effected by spikes and swings in the insurance markets.



We know construction contract specifications ‘like the back of our hand’. Whether a CCDC, OPSS, IO, or PWGSC contract, Petrela Winter hits the ground running, focussing on the SCGs to ensure an expeditious response and full contractual compliance, and pragmatically cutting through the chaos to get it done properly and cost-effectively.


Unlike some of our more bureaucratic competitors whose ‘by the book’ approach stifles creativity and pragmatic solutions, Petrela Winter’s hands-on, entrepreneurial character enables us to bring creative and cost-sensitive solutions to every circumstance.



Unlike generalist brokers, PWA’s experience, knowledge and ‘street-smart’ approach to handling day to day needs are seamless, painless and cost-effective at the same time.  Petrela Winter isn’t learning on your dime. You’re putting our 40 years of experience to work for you.



We deal with all the leading construction insurance companies, and have access to every insurance market in the country. Our construction specialization and business volume earn us privileged relationships with insurers, translating onto preferred terms and pricing.

Product and Services Provided Include

  • Builders Risk / Boiler and Machinery, to meet all CCDC requirements and including difficult to negotiate enhancements
  • Commercial General Liability, without the holes common to such policies for contractors
  • Wrap Up Liability
  • Pollution Liability / Environmental impairment insurances
  • Contractors equipment floaters
  • Design Build / Errors and Omissions insurance for contractors and engineers
  • Commercial Automobile Fleets
  • Claims assistance and advocacy
  • Design and advice on insurance processes for subcontractors, and wording for subcontracts and purchase orders